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There But Not There

As part of commemorations to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, we are hosting an installation on behalf of 'There But Not There' in the school chapel. 


The installation of twenty transparent seated military figures in the School Chapel over the period of Remembrance 2018 acts as a startling reminder of the human cost of war. By each figure there is the name of a former pupil; a tribute to his sacrifice and a reminder of how whole families were decimated by the conflict. The aim is to take the names off the wall and back into the school community they left behind. The silhouettes have been paid for by a grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund, which makes awards to bring communities together and to think about the Armed Forces today.

The installation will be in place for the whole of November.   

A special Remembrance Service was held on Tuesday 7 November.