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CCF Camp

Over the half term break, 24 of our CCF cadets went to RAF Spadeadam, near Carlisle. 

 The cadets took part in a variety of activities including camouflage and concealment where they had to maneuver through dense scrub land and throw a 'grenade' (water bottle) into a bin without being spotted by the enemy (the adults).


As well as basic army training, they were also trained in handling weapons correctly.  This included checking a weapon is safe, stripping it down to the basic parts and basic handling techniques. 

For many, the favourite activity was with the Fire Department when they had to crawl around in a pitch black house finding 'casualties'. 

Spadeadam is also the UK's leading Electronic Warfare base  and the cadets were able to see complex machinery and radar systems and got to crawl around working East German radar vehicles.

During their visit, pupils were also able to visit Hadrian's wall, and the Roman Fort and museum.