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Accessibility Plan

Revised: 01/2018 

Admissions Policy 2018/2019 (September 2018 intake)

Supplementary Form 2018/2019 (September 2018 intake)

Revised 03/2017 

Admissions Policy 2019/20 (September 2019 intake)

Supplementary Form 2019/20 (September 2019 intake)

Revised 03/2018 

Anti-Bullying Policy

Revised: 12/2017 

Attendance Policy

Revised: 11/2018 

Behaviour Policy

Revised: 07/2017 

Care and Control Policy

Revised 05/2018

Charging and Remissions Policy

Revised: 02/2018 

Collective Worship Policy

Revised 09/2016 

Communication Policy

Revised: 03/2017 

Complaints Policy

Revised 09/2018 

Confiscation and Search Policy

Revised: 05/2018

Curriculum Policy

Revised: 11/2018

Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy

Revised: 04/2018

Disability (Exams) Policy

Revised: 10/2018 

Drugs and Alcohol Management Policy

Revised: 11/2018

Equal Opportunities Policy

Revised: 04/2018

Equalities Statement and Policy

Equality Action Plan

Revised 05/2016 


For details about exclusions please see the Behaviour Policy

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Revised 10/2016 

Health and Safety Policy

Revised 01/2018 

Lettings Policy

Revised: 06/2017 

Mobile Devices Policy

Revised: 11/2018

Online Safety Policy

Revised: 11/2018

Overseas Travel Key Facts 2015

Revised: 05/2015

Privacy Notice – Pupils

Revised: 06/2018

Privacy Notice – School Workforce

Revised: 06/2018 

Privacy Notice - SCITT and NQT


Pupil Premium Policy

Revised: 09/2018

Relationship and Sex Education Policy

Revised: 11/2018

Review of Marking Policy - Centre Assessed Marks

Revised 10/17 

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Revised: 11/2018

Sixth Form Code of Conduct

Revised: 03/2017 

Social Media Policy

Revised: 04/2018

Special Educational Needs (SEND) Policy

Revised: 11/2018

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Revised: 11/2018

Uniform and Appearance Policy

Revised: 05/2018 

Visitor Policy

Revised: 06/2018

Whistleblowing Policy

Revised 07/2018